Weyland-Yutani is a megacorporation of the type that became common in the late 20th century on Earth.  As with most such organizations, it was formed by the merger of two large, competing companies, each with many subsidiaries and holdings.  In fact, when Weyland-Yutani merged in 1987, it became the 9th largest company in the world.  Weyland-Yutani was formed from the merger of Weyland Industries and Yutani Corporation.

Weyland Industries is an English company founded in the 19th century.  Originally, it was a shipping company, Weyland Co., but during World War I it changed course to specialize in naval war vessels.  In 1937, it further expanded its field, researching and building submarines, airplanes, and even tanks.  In 1959 it officially became Weyland Industries and took on the slogan “build a better future.”  Weyland Industries changed its focus to genetics and information technology, leaving behind its years as a weapon manufacturer.   Finally, in 1975, when Charles Bishop Weyland became the chairman, the company made a final focus change to include bioweapons research and became a defense contractor for the British and American governments.

Yutani Corporation is a Japanese company founded in the mid 1960s by Toshiro Yutani.  It began as an electronics company, designing and manufacturing high-end electronics, such as radios, televisions, and even early computers.  It quickly became one of Japan’s top electronics companies, rivaling even well-known companies such as Sony.  In 1982, the company passed to Toshiro Yutani’s only child, Mieko Yutani.  She immediately changed the company’s focus from simply the manufacturing of high-tech electronics to the research and production of advanced military technology.

Finally, in 1987 the two large companies merged to form the conglomerate Weyland-Yutani.  At that time, the divisions remained much the same, save that departments now had access to nearly twice the resources.  Weyland-Yutani has since become one of the largest and most important military defense contractors in the world, winning contracts from the United Kingdom, Germany, the United States, Japan, and even Russia.  In recent years, the company has come under some scrutiny for unethical business practices, but for the most part Weyland-Yutani is still a company on the rise.

Dirty Little Secrets: The Techno Global Research Institute, a company accused of severe environmental damage by the dangerous disposal of toxic chemicals, is a subsidiary of Weyland-Yutani.  Additionally, Weyland-Yutani has allegedly had dealings with the rogue agents of the NID, a top-secret pseudo-governmental bureau.

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